Blackwater Valley Countryside

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What we do

Since 1971 when the first Blackwater Valley strategy was published the local authorities along the Valley have been working in partnership to improve the Valley’s environment and open it up for public recreation. Over time and as improvements have been implemented the priorities have fluctuated, partners have changed and the organisation has changed names reflecting its evolving role.

Today the Blackwater Valley Countryside Partnership (BVCP) plays a vital role in co-ordinating work in the Valley and provides a focus for the efforts of other organisations and individuals by providing the essential valleywide overview.

The role of the BVCP is to deliver an expert, experienced and centralised resource to:

  • Co-ordinate projects and actions of all involved parties and stakeholders in the Blackwater Valley for mutual benefit.
  • Increases sustainable usage of the Blackwater Valley
     especially for informal outdoor recreation.
  • Ensure wildlife and landscape protection.           

Installing a new fence and gate at Hawley MeadowsThe BVCP is also active in the local planning process and comments on local plans and individual planning applications. in order to ensure that:

  • The Blackwater Valley remains a continuous green space attractive to wildlife and the community.

In addition, specific planning policies have been established for the Blackwater Valley and are contained in the Blackwater Valley Strategy 2011 - 2015. This document is a framework for action in the Valley and contains general policy guidelines for conservation and recreation.

Maintenance in the Valley - installing a new fence and gate at Hawley Meadows.