Blackwater Valley Countryside

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Weybourne Nature Area

Nature reserve

Weybourne Nature Area View 1This small site at the southern end of the Valley gives an indication of the once extensive marshy grasslands that dominated the ancient Valley’s landscape. An old pond, recently restored, is the centrepiece of the site. It is owned and managed by Waverley Borough Council.          

Ditches and small ponds cross the marshy grassland supporting populations of Frogs and Grass Snakes.

Plants to be found include:

  • Weybourne Nature Area View 2Meadow Orchid
  • Yellow Flag
  • Meadow Sweet

Patches of Bramble and scrub support many small birds such as:

  • Willow Warblers
  • Whitethroats

Look carefully and you may see Roe Deer  in the more secluded areas.


The site is open to the public with a boardwalk giving access to the pond.
The main access to the site is from Weybourne Road, adjacent to Cannons Health Club
Grid ref SU: 852 486

Further information

  • Contact Waverly BC Ranger Service on 01252 792416
  • Visit their website.

 See also the map of the Valley