Blackwater Valley Countryside

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Alder catkins Snowdrops Lesser Celandine Orange Tip Butterfly by Ken Potter Mallard duckling Great Burnett by Chris Bean
Redwing Ivy berries Brimstone from Butterfly Conservation Bluebells Four Spotted Chaser by Colin Price Hairy St Johns Wort with thicked thighed beetle

 Valley Diary

The Blackwater Valley is a green corridor offering plenty of opportunities to see all kinds of wildlife, whatever the time of year. From the woodland found at Rowhill through to the open fields further downstream around Eversley, the Valley has a wide variety of different habitats where you can see wildlife ranging from the small to the spectacular.

To help you know exactly what to look out for and when, we have put together some of the sights and sounds you can expect to see each month throughout the year. We hope you enjoy discovering the flora and fauna found in the Valley.

Kingfisher by Dominic Martyn Small Copper Hawthorn berries Beech leaves in autumn Fly A Holly berries
Grasshopper Grey Heron by Gordon Langsbury Blackberriy Red Admiral Clematis vitalba Robin by Colin Wilson