Blackwater Valley Countryside

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River Blackwater

River Blackwater at EversleyThe River Blackwater is the centre piece of the whole Valley it rises in Rowhill Nature Reserve, Aldershot and after 20 miles joins the River Whitewater near Eversley. 
Over the last 200 years it has suffered from neglect and encroaching urbanisation. However
in recent years much has been done to improve both the water quality and restore the riparian environment and habitats along the river.

It is now once again, and rightly so, the centre piece of the Valley, the thread that links the entire Valley and all its facilities. Wildlife is returning, including the Otter which has been absent for over 40 years, fishing stocks are improving and the construction of the long distance riverside path has opened up much of the riverbank to enable everyone to enjoy its waterside landscape.

Further information

For information on flooding, water quality and pollution contact the Environment Agency or view the respective pages on their website: