Blackwater Valley Path

1. Rowhill Copse to Pea Bridge2. Pea Bridge to Shawfields5. Coleford Bridge to M3 Bridge3. Shawfields to Hollybush Pits4. Hollybush Pits to Coleford Bridge6. M3 Bridge to Blackwater Park8. Swan Lane to Grove Lake9. Grove Lake to Longwater Road11. Eversley Bridge to Jouldings Lane12. Jouldings Lane to Swallowfield7. Blackwater Park to Swan Lane10. Longwater Road to Eversley Bridge


  1. Rowhill Copse to Pea Bridge (16K)
  2. Pea Bridge to Shawfields (17K)
  3. Shawfields to Hollybush Pits (26K)
  4. Hollybush Pits to Coleford Bridge (29K)
  5. Coleford Bridge to M3 Bridge (22K)
  6. M3 Bridge to Blackwater Park (20K)
  7. Blackwater Park to Swan Lane (17K)
  8. Swan Lane to Grove Lake (19K)
  9. Grove Lake to Longwater Road (13K)
  10. Longwater Road to Eversley Bridge (16K)
  11. Eversley Bridge to Jouldings Lane (19K)
  12. Jouldings Lane to Swallowfield (18K)

Multi-user sections

From the A323 Ash Road to Frimley, these sections are suitable for cycles and wheelchairs:

Click the appropriate section on the map to view a list of recreation and countryside sites and detailed path map of that section of the Valley.
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Blackwater Valley Countryside