Blackwater Valley Countryside

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Our partners

The core funding for our work is provided by a partnership of the local authorities that border the River Blackwater. Councillors representing the partners meet annually, usually in October, to inspect projects that have progressed during the year and to decide on future projects and finance.

Local authorities

Our local authority funding partners are, in alphabetical order:

We also often work with other town and parish councils in the Valley on particular projects in their area.

Special projects

Funding for special projects can come from a variety of sources, in recent years we have received financial support towards specific projects from:

Some projects do not need financial support but require essential staff time and expertise of other organisations, these regularly include:

Other partners

Work to improve the Valley and maximise the recreational potential would not have been successful without the wholehearted support of the many landowners, voluntary organisations and individual volunteers. Volunteer efforts in direct support of the Blackwater Valley Countryside Partnership usually exceeds 600 days a year, with an equivalent financial value that exceeds many of our core funders. This does not include the contributions from the people who run site-based conservation groups or sports clubs (see links page).

Our grateful thanks go to all those who have worked towards improving the Blackwater Valley and its outdoor facilities for local people to enjoy.