Blackwater Valley Countryside

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Mill Lane Lake


This is Farnham Angling Society’s main specimen water where most of the species present grow to above average sizes. This eight acres of lake is one of the more difficult waters, as stocks of the larger fish are not high. But when a big Mill Lane Grass Carp, Koi or Crucian is drawn over the net the cost in rod hours seems irrelevant.

  • Pike to 25lb
  • Grass Carp to 29lb
  • Carp to 31lb
  • Crucian Carp to 7lb
  • Koi Carp to 30lb
  • Bream to 12lb
  • Tench to 8lb
  • Roach to 2lb
  • Perch 2lb
  • Rudd
  • Eels.

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