Blackwater Valley Countryside

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Loddon Catchment Biodiversity Strategy

The Blackwater Valley Countryside Partnership has been working with:

  • Environment Agency (funders)
  • Hampshire and Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust
  • Hampshire County Council
  • Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire Wildlife Trust
  • Wokingham Unitary Authority

to produce a strategy to conserve the special wildlife reliant on water in the Loddon catchment of which the River Blackwater is a major tributary.

The initial report Biodiversity Strategy: The Loddon Catchment was published in 2005.

Habitats identified for action are:

  • Woodlands & hedgerows
  • Pasture woodland & parkland
  • Arable & improved grassland
  • Unimproved neutral grassland
  • Lowland wet grassland
  • Fen, marsh, swamp and reedbeds
  • Lowland heathland, bog and acid grassland
  • Standing open water
  • Chalk stream
  • Canals

Species of particular concern not covered within a habitat action plan are:

  • Otter
  • Water Vole
  • Great Crested Newt
  • White Clawed Crayfish
  • Loddon Lily
  • Tower Mustard

The Blackwater Valley has been chosen as one of the strategic areas within the catchment for which detailed actions will be proposed.