Blackwater Valley Countryside

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Hollybush & Hollybush Hill

Nature reserve

Hollybush HillThis area has been completely transformed from an old landfill site that was located on an old gravel pit. It is now a good example of a created flower-rich grassland.

The Blackwater Valley Path passes through the area and provides varied and interesting walks alongside the River Blackwater, through meadow land and over a landscaped hill which offers views across the Valley through the trees.

There is open public access. Hollybush is owned by Guildford Borough Council and Hollybush Hill by Rushmoor Borough Council. The site is managed by the Blackwater Valley Countryside Partnership.

Meadow flowers

Bee OrchidThe management of this site has created a flower-rich hillside with scrub and a small pond. In summer the meadow is full of flowers such as:

  • Knapweed
  • Grass Vetchling
  • Birds Foot Trefoil
  • Bee Orchid


The various meadow flowers attract many insects, including butterflies such as:

  • Common Blue
  • Meadow Brown
  • Gatekeeper
  • Ringlet


Located on the east side of the A331 between Lakeside Road in Ash to the south and North Camp Station to the north. Access is by foot only via the Blackwater Valley Path from Lakeside Road and North Camp Station. It can also be reached via a footpath across the A331 from Ramillies Park.

Further information

 See also the map of the Valley