Blackwater Valley Countryside

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Cove Brook Greenway

Wildlife site

Cove Brook Cove Brook rises in Farnborough airfield and runs north for two miles through Farnborough before joining the River Blackwater near the M3. Although it passes through the middle of a built-up area it contains a diversity of habitats and open spaces and provides a wildlife-rich corridor with paths along most of its course.

Water Voles, Grey Herons, Kingfishers and several species of fish frequent the Brook.


You can reach the Brook from Hazel Avenue, Cove Road, Westheath Road, Glebe Road, Blunden Road, Houseman Road, Birchett Road, Mayfield Road, Anglesey Aveneue, Cheyne Way, Moor Road playing field and Hawley Lane.

Further information

  • Visit the Cove Brook Greenway website.
  • Contact the Cove Brook Greenway Group. The group is run by and for local residents to enhance the Brook and its environs and increase local awareness.
    Please ring: 07510881939 or email.
  • Article about Cove Brook Greenway in Winter 2006/7 issue of BV News

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